Right Way to Ship an Exercise Bike

Being of unusual structure, the exercise bike gives a challenge during shipping process. Although many of its parts can be detached, its, considerable attention is still required to pack and ship this bicycle. To help you out in this regard, below mentioned are some guidelines.


Preparation for shipping

  • Start with cleaning the bicycle.
  • Take photographs of the bicycle from several angles. The first advantage of these photographs is that it would be easier for you in integrating the bicycle by joining the parts. Secondly, these photos will help you to claim for any damages that your bicycle might receive during shipping.
  • The next step involves detachment of bicycle parts. The best way to get the detachment done is to follow manufacturer’s instructions from the manual. You can also get these instructions from internet by entering the model of bicycle you are going to ship. Items that can be detached include pedals, handle, control panel, front wheel disk and its strap, and seat of the bike. Every item should be wrapped securely. It is worth mentioning that the legs of bicycle may be detachable but it is recommended not to detach them from the bike. This detachment would affect the balance of the package. Pack everything using appropriate shipping supplies such as sturdy box, proper wrapping, cushioning and sealing.
  • After your package is proper prepped, move the package to the home’s area that would be easily accessible by shipper for pickup. Placing package in the home’s garage is the best option in this regard.

Selecting the shipping carrier

Parcel shipping is not an option for shipping exercise bicycle. The better option is to go for LTL (less than truckload) shipping option.

Different LTL shipping carriers specialize in the shipping of different items. You will need to pick the one that would specialize in the shipping of hard to handle irregular shaped items, if you are planning to ship the bike. Not paying attention to hiring specialized personnel according your needs might not add anything in the shipping cost but the chances of your package to receive damages would be higher.

Another important thing to consider while selecting the carrier is to find a carrier that would be more active in the area where you want the product to be delivered. Selecting such carrier benefits you in certain ways; for instance, you will be able to get your package delivered efficiently, and you may be able to get the product shipped at lower cost. Rare activity of the shipper in the receiver’s area will make the package waiting to be delivered.

Furthermore, you will also have to make sure that the carrier you have picked has good track record. The best way to check is to look for third party unbiased reviews about shipper. If you see minimal customer satisfaction, it would be appropriate to not consider that carrier.